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Instant Gratification Never Felt This Good

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could delight your customers with relevant instant perks that enticed them to buy? (spoiler alert: you can.)

Hotel Loyalty Program


Say hello to AI x Instant Gratification

Today’s consumer lives in a world of endless choice.
When they travel, they bring the same expectations with them.



We use machine learning to predict which instant rewards will delight your customers at the right moment. Our algorithm puts together millions of data pieces to learn and optimize in real time, getting smarter with every user action.


Instant Gratification

To gain a critical advantage over the competition, you need to give your guests an incentive that they really want — incredible rewards, tailored to their preferences, instantly available.

On average, LaaSie increases conversion rates by









Hotel booking

The Incentive Engine

Give today’s consumer a reason to book with you

Incentivize guests to book direct by offering them personalized perks that are instantly available. Use it on your hotel website to drive the initial booking.
Our clients have increased conversion rates by +52%. 


Introducing Nex Gen Loyalty

Engage. Entice. Experience.

No points. Just instant rewards
and a personal relationship with customers.

The first AI-powered, instant gratification-based hotel loyalty program,
Nex Gen Loyalty is more relevant, more engaging,
and more intelligent than any other platform.




Maximize Conversion and Retention

Encourage guests to book direct with enticing rewards and benefits.


Transform the Guest Experience

Guests can use their rewards before, during, and after their stay to enhance their travel experience.


Supercharge Marketing

Integrate instant rewards in your email campaigns, social media platforms, and paid search campaigns to be present throughout the travel journey.

Build Brand Affinity

Capture guest data and offer personalized rewards to increase future bookings and customer lifetime value.


Our Partners

Partners across USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean & Europe


Exclusive Rewards

1,000+ Partners for Shopping, Dining, and Local Experiences


How It Works

How_It_Works_Images_Meet Amy.png

Meet Amy.
Amy is browsing for a hotel.

Getting a good price is important. But what she really wants is a hotel that makes her travel experience amazing with an attractive hotel loyalty program, from start to finish.

Here’s how we give Amy just what she wants:

How_It_Works_Images_02_Step 1.png

Amy is shown personalized instant Hotel rewards in real-time.

Amy lands on your website and our AI shows the optimal mix of hotel rewards that would get Amy to book at your hotel.

Amy is incentivized to book.

Amy books and chooses the best hotel rewards that she wants.

How_It_Works_Images_02_Step 3.png

Amy’s trip is transformed.

Amy gets to pick from relevant rewards that she can redeem before, during, and even after her stay by using hotel loyalty program.




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